Message From President


When we first made our switch from being a successful textile manufacturer to become a support surface expert 20 years ago, we were able to quickly identify the core values within medical industry: “caring” and “innovation”. These two concepts go hand in hand with each other. Here at Carilex, we genuinely believe that to be truly innovative, is to care deeply.

Carilex is very fortunate in the sense that we seem to be able to always attract the most dedicated professionals working alongside each other. Extraordinary talents from all over the world working tirelessly at Carilex because of one philosophy - Caring makes the difference.

With a concentration in wound prevention and healing, Carilex never ceases to strive for being a leading company in wound care. Our philosophy is simple, however, behind that simplicity is a group of devoted people who simply would not be satisfied with producing anything less than perfect. It is our absolute passion to continuously create outstanding medical devices for healthcare communities around the world. Because we care, and caring makes a world of difference.






UK Team


Home to the UK Managing, UK and European sales and customer service teams and specialist engineering department, the Carilex European Headquarters form an important hub of knowledge and expertise. Situated on the UK’s south coast with excellent transport links, the European Headquarters are setup to deliver a fast and effective service to the UK and European markets.






Housing over 120 employees with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Carilex Asia Headquarters is a 6 storey, 98,00 Sq Ft building designed and built to accommodate the fast growing production demands for the company. Carilex Asia integrates capabilities spanning from design and engineering to manufacturing and distribution under one roof, to ensure we always deliver the most efficient, precise medical devices.




ANZ Team


Our Australian office joined the growing Carilex family in 2014, setting up a dedicated distribution centre and bringing with them a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. With their unique positivity and drive, the Australian team established crucial partnerships and helped develop our products, to successfully launch the Carilex brand into the Australasian market.






Rental Service Medical is a small yet strong company. As the only athouriized Italian Carielx importer, through its network of clients Rental was able to cover the whole territory, always guaranteeing a perfect service, for both private patients and hospitals. Rental Service Medical is enriched by its sanitation facility, which can accomodate up to 50 anti decubitus systems per day.